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Corporate Event at Bushy's 2023

This year we are offering the same Bushy's Corporate Package as 2022. This enables local businesses to use the festival as a way to give back to their employees. We offer this service free of charge, check out the steps to see how it works.

This worked for many businesses in 2022. To make things even easier for 2023, get in contact sooner rather than later so everything can be sorted before TT begins.

Step One

Get it contact with us and we can create personalised company vouchers for you to print and issue to your staff. Let us know what day of the festival you wish these to be valid for. We can put a limit on the vouchers for example, for the food we can put up to £10 or whatever limit you see fit.


Step two

These can then be used at the bar, on a designated till with your company's name next to it. This can be at the main bar, or at one of our two pop up bars upon request.


Step 3

Our servers will then write the amount on the voucher, we collect them at the end of the night and invoice you for the drinks. The same can be done for our food stalls, we can collect the vouchers off them with the amount spent written on them, added up and invoiced to you.


Let's Work Together

If you'd like to get involved or would like some more information email

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