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About The Village

The Village is brought to you by us, Key Bar Events. We have been bringing you the TT vibes for years! The Village is our main event of the year, but stay tuned to our socials for any pop ups throughout the year.

We could tell you all about The Village and how local musicians of all ages and backgrounds get a chance to showcase their talents, whilst you enjoy some of our local vendors, and a cold one! But instead take a look at this:

How do I find out what's happening and when?

It's simple! As information is released via our social platforms, our website is updated too. For example, once our line-up is out it will be easily found on our Instagram, Facebook and website. 

How do I find The Village social media pages? 


See the social icons? Click on them! Just like magic you'll be on our social pages.

Alternatively, search for bushysttvillage on Instagram and Bushy's TT Village 2024 on Facebook

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  • Facebook
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Where will we be this TT?

This year The Village will be held in the Villa Marina Gardens, as shown below.

In need of flooring?

To be more eco friendly and safe for our guests, we have purchased black reusable plastic flooring. Which, is available to hire outside of TT. If you'd like more information or to rent our flooring click below to email.

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