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About Bushy's TT Village

Our Story

Every year, thousands of visitors come from all over the world for the Isle of Man TT races. Bushy's TT Village offers a place to soak up the electric atmosphere, whilst listening to the best musicians the Island has to offer. After two years without the iconic Bushy's fox and festival we guarantee 2023 will be one to remember. 

We love all things local. Local musicians, local businesses, local artisan. Coming together with the local community to create lifelong memories is at the heart of it all. This year we are partnering with Peggy's Rum, 3FM and many more local businesses. More information on each business can be found on our partners section of our website.

Our 10 day festival runs across race and practice week ( 1st-10th June), giving you plenty of time to come and join us. Local musicians of all ages and backgrounds get a chance to showcase their talents whilst you enjoy some of our local vendors, and a cold one!

We will be releasing our band line-up, food vendors and exciting projects over the next coming months on our Facebook and Instagram pages! To stay up to date click the Facebook and Instagram Icons on the menu bar and you'll be taken straight to our socials.

Key bar Events, seeing the name on our website and socials and not sure who/what they are? We've got you covered. Key Bar Events is the company behind it all. The small team of experienced professionals are the people who make the festival happen. They source the bands, food vendors, sponsorship, socials, media, everything you can think of really! They carry the Bushy's name on and are able to provide us with the festival we know and love. 

Harry Barbour and Dave Wookey have been managing the event for many years under their company Key Bar Events. They have years and years worth of experience, and recently put on Bushy's Feel Good Festival in summer 2021. Ella Cowin joined the team in 2021 as the Head of Marketing and Advertising. Together, they make the perfect team.

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